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Tee Lines

Tee LinesIf you have a bit of history with the game of golf then you've seen your share of practice facilities, and know that natural grass tee lines can be difficult to maintain. Natural wear and tear from repetitive use is to blame, and the professionals in charge of maintaining tee lines know that replacing them can also be costly. Enter synthetic tee lines from Southwest Greens, the tee lines that look and play like the real thing and last a lifetime longer.

Synthetic tee lines offer a level of consistency and performance that most practice facilities simply don't approach. While it is true that tee lines get more use and will therefore need a little more maintenance than our artificial greens, the maintenance is still minimal compared to the constant care natural grass tee lines require. Synthetic tee lines offer better performance and real savings over time; music to the ears of anyone charged with outfitting a practice facility.