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Turf and Grass

Turf and GrassOne upon a time synthetic turf was primarily for artificial putting greens. Then more and more home and business owners realized what an amazing surface it made for lawns and common areas. Incredible durability and the ability to maintain a pristine, low to no maintenance look and feel make our artificial turf and grass the choice for Eastern Washington residences and businesses looking for the year-round feel of natural grass.

What makes our synthetic grass so special? First of all it is a natural for high traffic areas. All of the foot traffic you can muster won't change its pristine appearance one iota. Secondly, our pristine turf lawns come no maintenance required. This is especially good news during the cold Eastern Washington winter. The truth is that be it the cold or the heat, Mother Nature is no match for our durable synthetic surfaces.   

If it sounds too good to be true allow us to make it even better. Our team of installation professionals is so dialed in that they can have construction, design, and installation done within in a week. That means seven days from now you can look out upon your lawn or grassy area secure in the knowledge that the sea of green you see will stay that way day after week after month after year. Choose from a variety of different styles and infill options including traditional bluegrass, long blade fescue, winter rye, short Bermuda, or centipede.

Synthetic turf continues to grow in popularity, and there is little secret as to why. Aesthetic beauty that is a breeze to maintain makes our amazing artificial turf and grass a no-brainer. There's something to be said for keeping it real, except when it comes to grass. Go artificial, and reap the benefits year-round.